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Countdown to 59th King of perverts contest

Friday, August 14th @ 2:59pm

Hurry up!!!! hurry up!!!! This is the time remaining to the 59th king of perverts contest!!!!…

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This is a donation poll in order to keep our supergroup status :)

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The winner of the King of perverts contest
Long live to our current King of perverts..... :iconkawa-v:

Gamergirl by Kawa-V Sweat by Kawa-V 10 Years Of Sequential Art by Kawa-V Undressing by Kawa-V Dragon Half: Mink by Kawa-V

Mature Content

2015 Year of Sheep / Goat by Kawa-V
Dragon's Crown, Snake Problems by Kawa-V Commission-ValCas by Kawa-V Commission-Alfreda Fliss by Kawa-V Commission-Samus Aran by Kawa-V Commission-Femacendramon by Kawa-V Commission-Jayce by Kawa-V

Mature Content

Beer and shower by Kawa-V
Summer is for the Sexy Girls by Kawa-V Kasumi and Ayane by Kawa-V Mai Shiranui by Kawa-V Four Seasons: Summer by Kawa-V

-How can I detect if I´m a pervert or not?

Oh, I´ll give you some clues to investigate...

-You have a few deviations banned and you don´t know why
-or If you press the deviantart´s logout button some or all your entire gallery dissapear and get replaced by a traffic sign.
-or you loves sexy art
-or You wanna see a drawing of Sandra Pallin in stockings
-or You prefer someone with some strategic clothes over full nudity
-or Love is in the air :music:
-or You readed, bought or watched almost 12 different editions of Kamasutra
-or One of your favourite numbers is placed between 68 and 70
-or you´re reading this lines
-or You´re human
-or You´re not human
-or all of the above



there are a tie on the PWFA contest, select the winner :) 

255 deviants said

Mature Content

Danielle by Yuliandress
222 deviants said

Mature Content

No Case Too Big by digitalgil
Waiting For Rescue by Kawa-V by :iconkawa-v: :icontransparentplz: Sexy Astronaut by tititlemot by :icontititlemot:
Zero G by B69comics by :iconb69comics: :icontransparentplz: Inferior ( PWFA Contest ) by ViiPerArt by :iconviiperart:
Space Girl by TheDepthsofReason by :iconthedepthsofreason: :icontransparentplz: Sexy Astronaut in Peril by tititlemot by :icontititlemot:

Mature Content

So Long by bonejesta
by :iconbonejesta: :icontransparentplz: After a long space walk by Ultamisia by :iconultamisia:
sexy astronaut by araorenda by :iconaraorenda:  :icontransparentplz: In the space by DsLycaon by :icondslycaon:

The theme for the next King of Perverts contest is...
"Sexy astronaut"

The deadline for the contest is August 14th, 2015.

The New Horizons space probe is going to arrive at Pluto tomorrow and this is a way to celebrate it.  Our next contest theme will be "Sexy Astronaut."  Your deviation must contain at least one sexy astronaut.

Don't forget to make it sexy!  ;-)

General Rules:
-No gore, blood, or violence.
-Your submission may not contain any children as it is against the group's rules.
-The deviation must be made for the contest; old deviations won't be acepted.
-Your deviation must adhere to the deviantART submission rules.
-All kinds of deviations will be accepted, not just drawings we also allow literature, 3D, photography, sculpture, cosplay, etc...
-Both male and female characters are allowed (believe it or not). The only requirement is that it be PWFAified!
-Use your imagination and have fun!
-You must be a PWFA member.
-We don't allow censored art.

Good luck!

About Llama Drama in contests
If you can't acept that your deviation might not be selected, you shouldn't enter this contest. This is just a jam with no prizes and features a lot of people bowing to the winner.  It's very upsetting when people make unnecessary drama :)  This contest is for fun, not for drama.  Go for the fun!!!!  :-)

If your artwork isn't chosen as the winner, that doesn't mean that your art is bad.

All kinds of deviations are OK!!!!
Poetry, digital art, drawings, illustrations, photomanipullation, histories, comic art, 3D art, statues, animations.... all kind of deviations are accepted.  Most people submit drawings, but the other categories of deviations are allowed too.

-As always, the deviations must adhere to the deviantART rules, and the submission rules for this group, in order to be accepted.  In other words, no porn.  This may be the PWFA, but that doesn't mean we allow porn.  If the deviation does not adhere to dA rules, it will not be accepted into the contest or our group.

-All drawings submitted to the contest will be added to the PWFA gallery, so you'll get a lot of extra promotion.  This won't count as a weekly submission. If you submit a contest entry you may still upload your weekly submission.

-The winner will be our new KING OF PERVERTS and will be required to select the theme of the next contest/jam and will receive a feature gallery and permanent status of one of the KINGS OF PERVERTS! :)

Long life to our King of Perverts!!! :iconkawa-v:
The rules for submitting art to PWFA are as follows:

1-No Censored Deviations
All deviations must be free of visual censorship. This includes mosaics, black squares, white squares, hearts, smilies, or any other censoring device applied to cover parts of the drawing. No exceptions shall be made.

2-No Unfinished Artwork
All artwork and deviations must be finished. We do not accept thumbnail drawings, rough sketches or Works-In-Progress.  Likewise, art done in a rough, loose style will not be accepted, even if the artist considers it a finished piece.

3-Only Quality Work Will Be Accepted
We here at PWFA expect a certain level of quality work and we alone will decide on what is acceptable and what is not based on our own qualifications of what is and isn't appropriate to the group. For example, we will not accept simple photographs of genitalia or "fine art" photo manipulations of things like "a pile of vaginas superimposed over a leg." If we do not feel your work is of the appropriate subject or meets our quality standards, it will be rejected.

4-Only Clean Images and Scans Will Be Accepted
We do not accept poorly scanned or photographed work. Please make sure your submission is clean and that the image is clear and visible.

5-No Gore, Violence, Scat or Other Offensive Subjects
We do not accept images of an offensive nature, including excessive violence, gore, bodily functions or other such subject matter.

6-Only Original Artwork Will Be Accepted
All deviations submitted to PWFA must have been originally posted to dA by the creator of the artwork or by the owner of the artwork with the original artist or copyright owner's express permission (in such cases, both the artist and the copyright holder must be named in the deviation's notes). No images scanned from published material (comic books, magazines, posters, prints, etc) will be accepted.  Art thievery (the posting of someone else's art and claiming it as your own) will not be tolerated.  Any such submissions will not only be rejected but will be reported to deviantART.

7-All Deviations Must Meet deviantART Standards
All images must meet dA standards for acceptable subject matter, including the prohibition of explicit pornographic imagery (including manual genital contact), depictions of erections or images of underage characters in sexual situations). If you wish to view "hardcore" artistic material, we recommend sites like Hentai-Foundry

As a group dedicated to adult artwork, we will not accept any deviation that contains an image of a character or figure that is obviously adolescent or pre-pubescent, even if the character or figure is fully clothed. Associating such imagery with this group could lead to the group's closure and to the banning of the group's founder and administrators from deviantART. There will be no exceptions.

9-Please Submit Your Deviations To The Correct Galleries
Although the group administrators can move art from one gallery to another, this creates extra work for us, so we would appreciate it if you would pay attention to which gallery your work belongs in. There are currently TWO active galleries open for submissions:
-Gallery010: for regular submissions
-Contest folder: for contest entries
Work submitted to the wrong gallery may be rejected.

Thank you for reading.

Your friend,
*Pablocomics :iconpablocomics:

(edited by *TCatt, Lord of the Words)
The winner of the 57th King of Perverts contest is.....

Gamergirl by Kawa-V by :iconkawa-v:

Long life to the new King of Perverts!!!!!

:iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v: :iconkawa-v:

He will decide the next King of Perverts theme! :)
It seems that some of the PWFA members are having problems with their submissions (yes, again).

If you are having any kind of problem with your submissions, please let us know. The problems seems to affect members with the status of "King of Perverts" more than others.  I know that there are lot of bugs on deviantART related to missing notifications it may be something related to that.

Lately we are also recieving an abnormaly high number of requests with the message, "deviation deleted." I don´t know if those are actual deleted deviations or another deviantART notification bug.
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