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The winner of the King of perverts contest
Long live to our current King of perverts..... :iconbrother-tico:

Cyber Guardian by Brother-Tico Girl In Bikini by Brother-Tico Busty Surfer Girl by Brother-Tico Snowboard girl by Brother-Tico untitle by Brother-TicoElf by Brother-Tico Play with me 02 by Brother-Tico Andie Green by Brother-Tico Naomy and David by Brother-Tico Schoolgirl by Brother-TicoNARUxZELINA by Brother-TicoDOA Kasumi_Ayane redraw by Brother-Tico

-How can I detect if I´m a pervert or not?

Oh, I´ll give you some clues to investigate...

-You have a few deviations banned and you don´t know why
-or If you press the deviantart´s logout button some or all your entire gallery dissapear and get replaced by a traffic sign.
-or you loves sexy art
-or You wanna see a drawing of Sandra Pallin in stockings
-or You prefer someone with some strategic clothes over full nudity
-or Love is in the air :music:
-or You readed, bought or watched almost 12 different editions of Kamasutra
-or One of your favourite numbers is placed between 68 and 70
-or you´re reading this lines
-or You´re human
-or You´re not human
-or all of the above


Hello.  We are currently having problems granting people "King of Perverts" status, as well as some aditional problems with the group. It seems that everything is caused by the expiration of Supergroup status and the massive number of bugs in the Deviantart code.

For that reason I am reopening the donation pool for the PWFA.  We need a bit more than 4,700 points to pay the fee and regain our Supergroup status :-)

Here is the link

Please help keep the PWFA Super by donating whatever you can.  Thank you for your help!
Entry for King of Perverts 56th Contest by Ravicaby :iconravica: :icontransparentplz: Bertille by Angelll07 by :iconangelll07:
PWFA Contest Entry by Spazer86 by :iconspazer86: :icontransparentplz: Satyress Warrior by DsLycaon by :icondslycaon:
Ninjas by mmichita by :iconmmichita: :icontransparentplz: Warrior by DarkestHour55 by :icondarkesthour55:

The theme for the next King of Perverts contest is...

The deadline for the contest is April 15th, 2015.

Your deviation must contain at least one sexy woman warrior (or man warrior if you prefer it).

Don't forget to make it sexy!  ;-)

General Rules:
-No gore, blood, or violence.
-Your submission may not contain any children as it is against the group's rules.
-The deviation must be made for the contest; old deviations won't be acepted.
-Your deviation must adhere to the deviantART submission rules.
-All kinds of deviations will be accepted, not just drawings we also allow literature, 3D, photography, sculpture, cosplay, etc...
-Both male and female characters are allowed (believe it or not). The only requirement is that it be PWFAified!
-Use your imagination and have fun!
-You must be a PWFA member.
-We don't allow censored art.

Good luck!

About Llama Drama in contests
If you can't acept that your deviation might not be selected, you shouldn't enter this contest. This is just a jam with no prizes and features a lot of people bowing to the winner.  It's very upsetting when people make unnecessary drama :)  This contest is for fun, not for drama.  Go for the fun!!!!  :-)

If your artwork isn't chosen as the winner, that doesn't mean that your art is bad.

All kinds of deviations are OK!!!!
Poetry, digital art, drawings, illustrations, photomanipullation, histories, comic art, 3D art, statues, animations.... all kind of deviations are accepted.  Most people submit drawings, but the other categories of deviations are allowed too.

-As always, the deviations must adhere to the deviantART rules, and the submission rules for this group, in order to be accepted.  In other words, no porn.  This may be the PWFA, but that doesn't mean we allow porn.  If the deviation does not adhere to dA rules, it will not be accepted into the contest or our group.

-All drawings submitted to the contest will be added to the PWFA gallery, so you'll get a lot of extra promotion.  This won't count as a weekly submission. If you submit a contest entry you may still upload your weekly submission.

-The winner will be our new KING OF PERVERTS and will be required to select the theme of the next contest/jam and will receive a feature gallery and permanent status of one of the KINGS OF PERVERTS! :)

Long life to our King of Perverts!!! :iconbrother-tico:
The winner of the 55th King of Perverts contest is.....

Cyber Guardian by Brother-Tico by :iconbrother-tico:

:iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico: :iconbrother-tico:

He will decide the next King of Perverts theme!

This was one of the most tight voictories in the PWFA history, there was too may great art
Any member of the PWFA can vote.

Please select your THREE favorite entries to the contest; not 1, not 2, not 4.  Select your THREE favoarite entries.  Vote by replying below, listing the artist's name and the entries you wish to vote for.  The inclusion of links is appreciated, so that we know exactly which piece you're voting for.

>>>We want a clean election!  Any finalists who post promotional spam to their journal or notes will be automatically disqualified.  Promotional spam may include:
-Journal posts requesting votes.
-The sending of notes requesting votes.

Good luck to all the entries and thanks for your participation :)

SAM in the Shower by HotGum by :iconhotgum: :icontransparentplz: Cyborg girl by DsLycaon by :icondslycaon:
Cyberpunk podium dancer by konnielipton by :iconkonnielipton: :icontransparentplz: Sexy CyberPunk by bonejesta by :iconbonejesta:
Cyberpunk redhead animated from clothed to nude by enchanted-broccoliby :iconenchanted-broccoli: :icontransparentplz: Server Status : Online by Doujio by :icondoujio:
The First of Them by Alvinbrooby:iconalvinbroo:  :icontransparentplz: Cyber punk by thunderwalrus333 by :iconthunderwalrus333:
Enhancement by ClockDonkeyby :iconclockdonkey:  :icontransparentplz: Teardrops Of Lucifer by darkchapel666by :icondarkchapel666:
Cyberpunk by Exael-Xby:iconexael-x:  :icontransparentplz: Cyberpunk by Pfefferschwarz by :iconpfefferschwarz:
Cyberpunk by DarkestHour55by:icondarkesthour55:  :icontransparentplz: Cyber Guardian by Brother-Tico by :iconbrother-tico:
Chicks Dig Scars by prontalezaby:iconprontaleza:  :icontransparentplz: Out Of A Sudden by Ethakar by :iconethakar:
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